Ten on Tuesday! 

I’m trying to get back here! This is the best way to share some current stuff while I find the time to give full blog post and updated pictures! 

1. Sports, sports & more sports! There are two more games left for basketball, possibly one make up game! Gymnastics spring session begins next Tuesday! Chloe is also signed up for soccer this spring. Jonathan will be playing baseball with a new league & he’ll also start practicing football in March early April with his coach and old team mates from last fall. There is no settling down for the Kale kids! 

2. With that being said! I would die doing this all alone but my hard working husband finally for day shift! Weekends off too! He’ll be working 530-2 so instead of not seeing the kids for days he’ll be home before they get home from school and he’ll see them everyday again! We’re all so excited! 

3. I’m kinda in shock that it’s almost March! We have my cousins baby shower next month along with some other fun things and then my baby girl will be 5 in April! I can’t believe it!

4. We always had a 5 year plan when it came to having more kids. We knew that I couldn’t handle three and chloe always just made that more clear as time went on. My husband thinks now that he has day shift we should go for it. Now or never. But I’m not sold. Life is good people. It’s not easy by any means but it’s easier than having a baby. It’s just very scary on my part. 

5. I’m still working out! Max loss still 16lbs. I was recently up 5lbs back down 3 so still up 2. It’s so frustrating but I try to ignore the scale! I’m also working with a trainer and my weigh in and measurements are Thursday so I’m anxious to see if I have changed any.

6. My diet sucks! I can’t figure it out. I’m also not one of those people who can eat the same things over and over. I pin so much but get stuck with my norm when I go to the grocery store or my phones dead or the kids are bothering me. It just never works out for a long period of time. I go a week then I eat horribly for a week! One day! I’m hoping I can try again in March! 

7. I’ve went to the dentist 4 times this month! 2 1/2 hours today! Anyone else not so much a fan of the dentist? Granted I’m so happy that’s over and in two weeks I’ll have one less, well two less problems to worry about. Still not done in my mouth but getting closer!

8. My little girl is getting glasses. She came home with a failed sight test from school so we went in for a second opinion to a recommended eye dr and she indeed can’t see. I’m hoping she adjust well to wearing them. 

9. My son came home today saying he didn’t want to ride the bus anymore. Apparently there are some 5th grade bullies on the bus! I’m not a happy camper. Apparently the vice principal came to Jonathan and said if there were anymore problems he would get detention. If you read my blog and know my son, you know this is ridiculas. The 5th graders are saying Jonathan’s hitting. I’ve never had an issue on the bus but my neighbor has and recently took her boys off the bus. Looks like I’ll be talking to the school now too! 

10. I’m so over winter! We are ready for nice weather and sunshine!


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