In the past 5 days I’ve watched my dad get really upset about his life. But in the past 5 days I’ve also watched my dad get excited to take the kids to the bus stop. I’ve watched him time and time again help Chloe with her shoes. She doesn’t ask he just props her […]


Sometimes you just need to vent. I’ve cried more in the past week than I have in a long time. My family isn’t doing well. If you know me or have been around my blog for a while you already know my parents are drug addicts and my mother struggles with alcohol. My sisters have […]

Ten on Tuesday 

1. I think about blogging numerous times a day. As you can see I don’t actually follow thru! 2. Hubby got day shift finally after two years and weekends off! It’s been amazing having him around. Crazy I didn’t realize just how much things had changed when he was working nights. 3. Basketball is over. […]


It comes every now and then. Everything is great and then it’s like BAM! Face plant!  I met with me trainer today! In the beginning of the year I asked for help. Having hit a stand still in my fitness journey and after two months of really trying not much has changed! It was really […]

Ten on Tuesday! 

I’m trying to get back here! This is the best way to share some current stuff while I find the time to give full blog post and updated pictures!  1. Sports, sports & more sports! There are two more games left for basketball, possibly one make up game! Gymnastics spring session begins next Tuesday! Chloe […]

Yeap! Still here!

Recent thoughts and emptying my brain type post ha! It snowed Monday here in Maryland and we had spent the day out at a children’s museum an hour from home. While driving home the snow started but we decided to stop and eat instead of taking food home or making food later so when we […]

Ten on Tuesday

Hey hey hey! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas!? This weeks daily ten… 1. Basketball started, tonight was the second practice. Jonathan was shy the first one and tonight cried as they started to play and he sat on the side. I know these types of things can be hard for kids even adults so […]