In the past 5 days I’ve watched my dad get really upset about his life. But in the past 5 days I’ve also watched my dad get excited to take the kids to the bus stop. I’ve watched him time and time again help Chloe with her shoes. She doesn’t ask he just props her up in a chair and does it. He’s played basketball with Jr. Laid in bed with Jr and watched sports and my favorite is he brushed Chloe’s hair numerous times because she doesn’t like me doing it. I can’t leave out the night he played the game “who tooted” because the kids loved that! 
I don’t have a relationship with my mother. She doesnt have a job and lost her place of residence so my aunt is having to take care of her. My baby sister is pregnant and in jail with another little girl out here only to question when she’ll see her mom again. And my other sister. I’m praying pulls out of this tough time because she has two boys that need her.

I know I have my husband, my best and closest friends but when it comes to family I feel alone. It is the worst feeling in the entire world. No one ever ask how I’m doing? You can’t possibly understand how I feel and how it feels to know my family is homeless. None of them with jobs and none of them in a home that is theirs. 

I’ve cried for a week. I’m heart broken and alone. But my dad is present and I might not show him of express it well but his presence does mean a lot and the “I love you” before bed is comforting and I’m so happy my kids have him. 


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