Ten on Tuesday 

1. I think about blogging numerous times a day. As you can see I don’t actually follow thru!

2. Hubby got day shift finally after two years and weekends off! It’s been amazing having him around. Crazy I didn’t realize just how much things had changed when he was working nights.

3. Basketball is over. We have a pizza party Thursday night to celebrate the season. Chloe had her 2nd night of this sessions gymnastics tonight. She starts private lessons next week or the week after to try and get her better at doing some skills she’s slacking on. The cheer team has try outs in May & I really want her to try that out! She’s also signed up for soccer this spring & Jonathan starts baseball Monday night! 

4. I didn’t think the time change had affected me until yesterday. I’m back to staying up entirely too late and I’m so tired! 

5. Chloe’s 5th birthday is less than a month away! We’re doing a small party at a gymnastics place. I’m inviting just her friends and having family over on her actual birthday! I’m very happy to have skipped the whole big party this year but my brain is still all over the place thinking of ways I can add to this party in small ways! As far as decor we did cat invites and a banner I’ll print and make myself. We’ve sent those things to a lady for a cat cake and I have a gentleman making me a couple cat balloons. But I guess that’s about it! Pizza, drinks and favors! Call it a day! 

6. My cousins’ wife’s baby shower is this weekend! I have to pick up her last gift this week from a friend and I’m super anxious to see it! I got a couple other small things I need to wrap and pick up a card! I’m really happy with the way my banners came out for the decor. It’s going to be a really cute nautical themed shower! I’ll have to make sure I share some photos! 

7. If you read the post before this you know I’m frustrated with the whole gym thing, I stayed home today and it probably didn’t help because I feel crappy but I’m also thinking maybe it’s my mouthy vistor that’s contributed to my poor attitude and bloat!

8. We’re trying to go to a wizards game before the seasons over but I swear each week we just get more stuff to do! I need to look into tickets again and pick a date! 

9. I’m so happy with the bachelors choice of wife ha! I didn’t like him much but I think it might just work out well for them too! As for the two bachelorettes next season, that’s crazy! And I thought I liked Britt but I’m over her! 

10. Baby fever yall! 


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