Ten on Tuesday

Hey hey hey! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas!?

This weeks daily ten…

1. Basketball started, tonight was the second practice. Jonathan was shy the first one and tonight cried as they started to play and he sat on the side. I know these types of things can be hard for kids even adults so I just kept trying to help. I finally got up and went out on the court myself which got him out there. It only took a couple minutes until he had joined in and had a great practice. After he even said “I had fun and met a friend.” I’m really looking forward to this season of basketball. Games begin in mid January.
2. Last Friday was our annual gift exchange with my best girl friends and the kids. I hosted and I think it was a great night. I had to ask my friends how I was doing a couple times because I was basically freaking out most of the time. I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad and felt like a drill Sargent at times hahah but 5 adults and 9 kids was a lot for me. I don’t do well in large groups and events with a lot of people. My friends helped though and everything went smoothly. Food, game, gifts and a lot of sangria hahah.
3. Christmas is coming and for a long time I didn’t want anything. But now I want a ton of stuff! Maybe I’ll do a fun christmas wish list post. I know my blog is boring these days.
4. Boring blog is probably the result of my virus catching laptop. I can’t upload pictures or edit. I been able to use my sons for some it’s just not the same. Thankfully I haven’t fully disconnected thanks to the WordPress app!
5. Gym is going good, food not so much. I feel like I’ve been living on coffee and chocolate. We are so busy this month!
6. Jon’s schedule is changing again! He’s loosing Sunday and will be off Monday’s and Tuesday’s. This sucks! Jonathan is happy because bball practice is on Tuesdays so daddy can do that now but we loose him in a weekend day when we do fun things which sucks.
7. We’re staying home on Christmas this year. Jon has to leave at 1 for work and thanksgiving alone was hard so I’m allowing us to stay in, play with all our news things and we’re having TACOS! The kids are sooooo excited!!!
8. I opted out of buying new tennis shoes until I met my -15lb goal and that one more lb is killing me! It won’t go away!!!! I’ll never get new gym shoes hahha.
9. Hubby got me new headphones for Christmas and I asked for a polar watch I’m excited for those things to use in the new year and to get better at my fitness game hahha
10. This weekend is crazy busy! I really hope to share some past things and upcoming things here’s soon!


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