Ten on Tuesdays, the only post I really get to these days!

1. I absolutely love shopping online! But am so inpatient while waiting for things to arrive!
2. We only have 3 games left for football unless we go to play offs. I’m not ready for it to end!
3. This past weekend was my birthday! I was spoiled by the hub & kids! I can’t wait to have lunch with my girls November 2nd!
4. I’m down 13lbs! Woop woop! 7 more to go and although I will still have a lot of work to do I’ll be happy with my weight!
5. We got a new rug for the living room! We had a tan one and with pets and kids it didn’t last long. I went with navy this time. I hope it works out better than the last one! I love it with my orange curtains!
6. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween! And Christmas! We just planned our annual kids Christmas party and the hub and I have talked about gifts etc. I started shopping early last year. I haven’t even thought about it this year!!! I don’t even have the desire to shop for Christmas.
7. Since football is ending. We’re finally going to be back in gymnastics with Chloe. She’s been talking about it a lot and I feel so bad we couldn’t make it work last session for her. Jonathan will start basketball around Christmas.
8. We talked about another baby last night. While I don’t want a baby now I just cant get over actually wanting another at some point. My husband has been on board for years. He insist that it’s possible now and that we’d make it work and even told me last night that he thinks I’d be able to handle it. Oh lord if only I thought that.
9. Gap jeans for kids! The best! I need to buy them more!
10. Speaking of jeans. I thought about trying some on last week and much to my surprise a size 6 fit! My shorts from the summer were a size 10!




Ten on Tuesday!


1. We had some crappy rain weather for about a week but this week it’s been nice even reaching 80 today. Looks like the cooler days are coming though!
2. My birthday is Sunday! The big 2•8! I’m pretty excited. We’re going away and I have a lunch planned with my favorite girls on November 2nd! October is just such a busy month that waiting was a better choice!
3. Also going to do a little shopping for my birthday! I’m pretty excited even at 28. They’re are some higher priced items I’ve been wanting for a while and just don’t ever indulge like that for myself! Cannot wait for new tennis shoes!
4. Coffee. I caved and had a few Starbucks drinks these past couple weeks but I’m gonna try and avoid it. I’m 12lbs down and feeling so good! I really want to keep loosing! 15 is my next goal!
5. Football has become so exciting! Jonathan loves playing it and his games are so much fun on Saturday. And I’m learning a lot when it comes to watching professional games on tv come Sunday & Monday!
6. I’m taking Chloe to see Frozen on ice! I can’t wait!
7. The nuggets have a mini session coming up on the 25th! I need to find them something cute to wear! I know I want Jr. in a plaid or flannel and he’s gonna hate me!
8. Oh and Halloween! I still need to get costumes. Well Chloe’s because Jr. just wants to be a football player.
9. The kids are off Friday, I feel like I should make plans but since we’re going away Saturday right after Jonathan’s game I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I need to pack and prepare!
10. I don’t have much more to update I suppose! Ooooooo my cousins having a baby!!! My aunt who beat breast cancer this year is super excited to become a grandma! She’s also getting new boobies tomorrow! Say a little prayer!


Ten on Tuesday!

1. Love that the play offs are here! Well tonight’s the wild card game! Oaklands winning! I was excited for the royals but I honestly don’t watch either, it’s just an exciting game and I’m Just watching to see who’s playing our home team the Nationals this Friday!

2. I have a friend whom I wish was involved a bit more in my life. It sucks wanting something that probably isn’t ever gonna happen.

3. I feel like I’m changing. Like I just have this urge to do more. To do better but at the same time I’m stuck. It’s like dreaming about something awesome only to realize it’s just a dream.

4. October is tomorrow! My favorite month! My birthday is the 19th! I’ll be 28. I also have some other friends whose bdays are this month. We’re taking Jr. to his first redskins game and my friend and I got our girls tickets to see Frozen in Ice! So excited! October is always the best!

5. I’m working on something’s hoping to surprise some people this Christmas! And speaking of Christmas I have family gift idea just need to make it happen!

6. Jonathan is loving football. They are now 3-1. They lost their first game last Saturday. Hoping they pull a win this weekend!

7. Chloe has asked two times about gymnastics. I feel so bad she’s not doing anything right now. Football was just so demanding. I’m hoping to start her back in there come the end of October.

8. More October news. Halloween! Chloe wants to be Jasmine the princess from Aladdin and Jr wants to be a football player. At first he said he wanted to be himself and I got super bummed. He’s only 7.

9. I really want to get my hair done…again! It’s like a brassy copper color right now. I need it to be brown! And I need more blonde. I also need a tan. Summer? I miss you so!

10. I was slacking in the gym dept. an also with eating right. I went today to do the stairs and cardio and much to my surprise the scale had not gone up! Thank you Jesus!

We made it to a ball game

What a busy spring & summer we had. I was so excited when our friends asked us a couple weeks ago to go to a Washington nationals game. We hadn’t been able to go this year! The husband was able to get off work so that was great. Chloe stayed with her nanny while we took Jr. I don’t know when well be able and willing to take Chloe to something like this. I just don’t see her doing well at a 3 hour ball game. I think I’m gonna take her to frozen on ice because next Monday were taking Jr. to his first redskin game! Anywho here are a couple pics from the day. It was a gorgeous day but hot in the stands. We ate at the restaurant there, another first for us and had a great time with our friends. The boys had so much fun.

Can’t wait to watch our home team in the play offs starting this Friday!







Ten on Tuesday

1. My dad’s been living with us and it’s really taking a toll on me. It’s causing a lot of stress and anxiety. I don’t know what to do but we can’t afford to continue to support him. I’m to the point now that every time he eats something I want to scream because I need my groceries and plan meals n buy what I need. Ahhhh. I’m nervous it’s gonna end bad soon.
2. Didn’t go to the gym this past weekend or Monday! Back at it today. It’s also that time of the month so I refuse to step on the scale until next month! Wish me luck.
3. I managed to clean the kids and our room yesterday. They were a mess! I’m happy to have some house chores caught up on.
4. I hosted a party on Sunday and got so many cute new things. If you haven’t defiantly check out cloversandpearls.com
5. Our family pictures are ready for viewing. I just haven’t had the time to view them.
6. I cannot think about the future. I just can’t vision it. It’s weird. Like I have no idea what the future holds. But I’m gonna need a job.
7. It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall around here. I need to get my Halloween/fall decor out!
8. I’m dreading Christmas.
9. Since I go to the gym and Chloe catches the bus at 1230 I don’t have much time to do anything else during the week. It’s still an adjustment. I am however enjoying the time at home.
10. My birthday is coming up! No idea what I’m gonna do or what I want.


Football pictures & a quick recap!

Football games have began! It was a long wait with practices 4 nights a week for a month and then 3 nights a week while we waited and prepared for the season but now that the games have started it’s a lot more fun. The boys are so excited prepping for the games and seeing wins. We are currently tied for first place at 3-0.

Jonathan has really come a long way. None of us knew what we were in for. Football is intense. He had to learn a lot. I am so proud of him for sticking with it. He’s really enjoying it now. The first game he played offense and defense on the line. The second game he did both again and ran the ball quite a few times. The 3rd game he ran and made his first touchdown! It was also his birthday today which was awesome and we had so many family & friends there cheering him on!


Ten on Tuesday

1. Last weekend was so nice! Makes me realize what we are missing with the hubby working weekends. It was nice having him Saturday & Sunday!
2. Jonathan’s birthday is Saturday! The big 7! He’s got a baseball game with his friends Thursday night and then I have no idea what well do Saturday after his football game. I’ll let him decide!
3. Sunday I’m hosting a lularoe and clover & pearl jewelry party! I’m really excited! My best friend sells lularoe. It’s leggings, dresses, skirts and now shirts too! Super comfy and lots of different patterns. My other friend started her own jewelry site! So many cute things including personalized items!

4. We got Jonathan Washington redskins vs Seahawk tickets for his birthday! I can’t wait to give them to him!
5. We had family pictures taken! I’ve only seen a preview but I’m trying to be patient while waiting to see the rest!

6. I had gained two lbs in sept and finally lost them! Still holding at -9lbs!
7. I’m so excited for fall but I need some new clothes! And scarves! And shoes omg!
8. Time of the month is coming. I’m craving food at night and chocolate! Eeeeek! I’ll have to remember not to weigh myself in the coming weeks! Haha
9. My laptop is being super slow so I’m gradually getting all my photos someplace else in case something happens. I’m trying to also update the blog!
10. Chloe’s been so good! I swear school is helping so much. She needed the routine! She was a different child this past weekend after her first week at school. It’s amazing to me how a change like that effects her so much! Yay for good change!

Our Sunday at the fair

Yesterday we went to the county fair and had a blast! I wanted to be there a lil sooner than when we arrived but it worked our perfectly. The kids were amazing.

I had the whole thing planned out. I packed snacks and made sure once we started rides we followed them in order. Which meant sometimes Chloe had to sit out and sometimes Jr. did, but each enjoyed watching the other. Jr was a good sport and rode a lot of smaller things with his sister & cousin. He had his best friend from school to ride the bigger rides with so that was great too!

The only thing we had to buy were snow cones & 1 water. They are my hubs favorite so of course each kid needed one as well! So we had to pay $10 for us to get in, I had $5 off coupons from the kids schools so each wristband was $20 and totally worth it, and then $9 bucks on the snow cones. We even managed to not play any games or bring home any junk. I’m that mom that thinks all that stuff is such a waste. I love playing games as much as the next person but yesterday it was nice skipping them.

We also saw the animals. The kids loved that. I used to be in 4-H and I’m really thinking about putting my kids into it. It was a lot of fun as a kid. I got to make so many things. And entered a lot in the fair. Plus summer camp was a lot of fun. I did day camp & overnight camp as a kid.

We took so many pictures and really has such a good day! I mean there weren’t any complaints from anyone. The guy at the Ferris wheel even let me ride with the kids before we left. I was scared to be honest! Jr would rock it and I thought for sure I was gonna plummet to my death. I’m glad I went though because I don’t know how the kiddies would have done on that alone.



















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