Football pictures & a quick recap!

Football games have began! It was a long wait with practices 4 nights a week for a month and then 3 nights a week while we waited and prepared for the season but now that the games have started it’s a lot more fun. The boys are so excited prepping for the games and seeing wins. We are currently tied for first place at 3-0.

Jonathan has really come a long way. None of us knew what we were in for. Football is intense. He had to learn a lot. I am so proud of him for sticking with it. He’s really enjoying it now. The first game he played offense and defense on the line. The second game he did both again and ran the ball quite a few times. The 3rd game he ran and made his first touchdown! It was also his birthday today which was awesome and we had so many family & friends there cheering him on!


Ten on Tuesday

1. Last weekend was so nice! Makes me realize what we are missing with the hubby working weekends. It was nice having him Saturday & Sunday!
2. Jonathan’s birthday is Saturday! The big 7! He’s got a baseball game with his friends Thursday night and then I have no idea what well do Saturday after his football game. I’ll let him decide!
3. Sunday I’m hosting a lularoe and clover & pearl jewelry party! I’m really excited! My best friend sells lularoe. It’s leggings, dresses, skirts and now shirts too! Super comfy and lots of different patterns. My other friend started her own jewelry site! So many cute things including personalized items!

4. We got Jonathan Washington redskins vs Seahawk tickets for his birthday! I can’t wait to give them to him!
5. We had family pictures taken! I’ve only seen a preview but I’m trying to be patient while waiting to see the rest!

6. I had gained two lbs in sept and finally lost them! Still holding at -9lbs!
7. I’m so excited for fall but I need some new clothes! And scarves! And shoes omg!
8. Time of the month is coming. I’m craving food at night and chocolate! Eeeeek! I’ll have to remember not to weigh myself in the coming weeks! Haha
9. My laptop is being super slow so I’m gradually getting all my photos someplace else in case something happens. I’m trying to also update the blog!
10. Chloe’s been so good! I swear school is helping so much. She needed the routine! She was a different child this past weekend after her first week at school. It’s amazing to me how a change like that effects her so much! Yay for good change!

Our Sunday at the fair

Yesterday we went to the county fair and had a blast! I wanted to be there a lil sooner than when we arrived but it worked our perfectly. The kids were amazing.

I had the whole thing planned out. I packed snacks and made sure once we started rides we followed them in order. Which meant sometimes Chloe had to sit out and sometimes Jr. did, but each enjoyed watching the other. Jr was a good sport and rode a lot of smaller things with his sister & cousin. He had his best friend from school to ride the bigger rides with so that was great too!

The only thing we had to buy were snow cones & 1 water. They are my hubs favorite so of course each kid needed one as well! So we had to pay $10 for us to get in, I had $5 off coupons from the kids schools so each wristband was $20 and totally worth it, and then $9 bucks on the snow cones. We even managed to not play any games or bring home any junk. I’m that mom that thinks all that stuff is such a waste. I love playing games as much as the next person but yesterday it was nice skipping them.

We also saw the animals. The kids loved that. I used to be in 4-H and I’m really thinking about putting my kids into it. It was a lot of fun as a kid. I got to make so many things. And entered a lot in the fair. Plus summer camp was a lot of fun. I did day camp & overnight camp as a kid.

We took so many pictures and really has such a good day! I mean there weren’t any complaints from anyone. The guy at the Ferris wheel even let me ride with the kids before we left. I was scared to be honest! Jr would rock it and I thought for sure I was gonna plummet to my death. I’m glad I went though because I don’t know how the kiddies would have done on that alone.


















10 things on tuesday


  1. Chloe started school yesterday. Up until we got her dressed and ready she was not going according to her but once we were all ready and taking pictures she was really excited!
  2. Jonathan’s tooth that broke was fixed yesterday. If you didn’t read that in an earlier post his sister threw a toy and cracked/broke one of his permanent teeth last week.
  3. I’ve been gradually loosing weight but this week my weight hasn’t moved yet. At least it hasn’t gone up right?
  4. I need to find a friend that wants to go out.
  5. This Saturday is going to be nuts! Football, gymnastics, 2 birthday parties and then a house warming.
  6. Jonathan’s 7th birthday is quickly approaching. I need to get him a cake.
  7. I’ve been really up tight lately. My husband always thinks it’s him and that drives me bonkers. My dad is living with us right now plus we have to deal with his dad who lives in the basement and then I have both kids that I’m doing so much for. Can I just be allowed to want some peace and quiet every now and then. He never knows when to just leave me alone.
  8. I’m slacking on pictures. I’m slacking on a lot of things. But there just isn’t enough time in the day.
  9. I miss my cousins. ALL of them.
  10. I ordered the kids some shirts and things from small business’s and it’s killing me that they haven’t shipped yet!

Family photos!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! That’s what I wanted to do before during and after our family photos last night.

It’s no surprise that Chloe is difficult. Jon called her bipolar last night. We were running late which is a huge problem for me! I HATE being late. Once there it was okay. Chloe ran around and it took us time each pose to get her in the shot, then I had the wrong shoes on and had to fix that. And then Chloe had a meltdown! One of those meltdowns you can’t fix. Let me try and paint the picture for you.

Un firmilar grounds, chloe not wanting a picture crying and making a huge scene. Me trying to comfort her and ask what’s wrong only to get nothing out of her. She acts like she doesn’t understand. Jon tries to help. We end up standing there looking at each other because we had no idea what to do. The photographer, standing and waiting and even trying to help. Jonathan laying in the grass smiling it up because he’s the best and then helping photographer pick flowers for Chloe. Chloe needed to change her shoes and then Jon having to go get band aids because she had a boo boo and couldn’t walk and couldn’t touch grass and hopped and cried and omg I wanted to run! Far away!

I wanted to cry. Photos of my family and my kids and myself in those pictures is so so so important to me. I have a picture of myself crying blowing birthday candles out one year because my dad wasn’t there. I remember the time my sisters and I woke up at my grandmothers to find out that my mom left us and went to Florida. My kids mean everything to me and I want them to remember all the memories, all the good times and all the times in life we had each other. I’m so lucky to have a husband who is the same way and were always finding something to do or going somewhere and sharing all these experiences with our children! Everything we do is for them. They are the light in my life and they keep me going. I take pictures all the time but I’m hardly ever in those photos. My husband knows how I am and he was really comforting last night because as upset as I wanted to be I know that it’s just life and this is just how it is right now so I tried to embrace it.

I have no idea what the photographer got. I usually feel this way because of Chloe and I’m usually happy and relieved with the outcome so fingers crossed she got some good ones. I’m so use to having my friend and amazing photographer take our photos. She’s so good at what she does. She’s great at giving direction and that is one thing I felt we lacked last night. I don’t know if Chloe contributed to this or not but I felt like I was having to pick the spot and the pose and I’m not the photographer. I know that everyone is different and I don’t doubt well have some great pictures I just like when I’m being told what to do in a situation like that because they know what looks best right?

I told my husband on the ride home I need to ask Jessica or find a photographer for next year that will basically come follow us and be unseen while taking pics. That is my dream. A session where my family goes on an adventure or to our favorite place and someone captures that. Captures us in our real moments. Looking at new things. Carrying our kids when their tired. Laughing. I know this is weird, maybe but I often tear up and cry a little when I’m happy or proud of my children. I cried twice at Jonathan’s first football game because I get so happy. Those are the moments I need photographed the moments I can’t capture because I’m in that moment. I want a picture of that. I want someone to capture the love I have for these kids. Because in real life when were doing our own thing it’s beautiful. We’re happy. The kids are happy. Like last night walking back to the truck and the kids are tagging each other and playing while my husband and I look and smile. That is the moment I want people to see. Because we see it all the time, were living it. We’re so lucky!


Random sh*t about me

I’m in an awful mood today. I hardly like anyone and would love to just spend the evening alone in my room catching up on Teen Mom 2.


I have to get my kids ready drive my son 30 mins away for football practice leave him there by 530 then drive 40 minutes back past home to attend open house which starts at 6 to then leave there by 7 to drive back to get him and catch the last part of practice before driving the 30 minutes back home! Are you tired yet? I’m tired and cranky!

I’m meeting Chloe’s preschool teacher tonight and getting “papers” I assume with info for the year. You didn’t hear? CHLOE GOT INTO PREK at Jonathan’s school and while I’m so happy for her and the routine of it she is not as excited as myself and is quite possibly dreading it!

We took her to get new shoes today and she talked her daddy into another cat stuffed animal and some lil undies with cats all over them. I picked up some tees to match new shoes and some jeans just so were ready when fall decides to arrive. While all this is great I was miserable. I don’t know what it was. I also cried on the way home. I feel lost maybe? Like where do I fit in. My kids are going to school, my husband works all the time and then there’s me. This woman just making sure everyone’s shit goes right. Do you know how draining that can be?

I often feel this way. Like I loose myself. Who is heather? What does heather like? When does heather get to do what heather wants? While I love doing things with my husband and children I just wish I could do my own stuff sometimes without it being a problem. I often feel like a nucense to my own family.

Friends I have them, but I basically have no time for them and then I feel like crap because I want time with them and time to vent/do fun things without the kids because I’m with them ALL.THE.TIME. Everyone’s so busy and thats life these days but it also seems that I have the hardest time getting friends together or making plans and that can be frustrating. I’m tired of trying to make everything work for everybody. I’m just the type to plan to much in order to please myself and then everyone else and well that just ends with me being tired and sometimes not enjoying said time away. Make sense?

Thank god I finally got my hair done AGAIN. The red was not for me and it brought me down. My brown is back and it sounds so conceited but forreal it’s my color and it looks good which there for makes me feel good!


And after I took some casual car selfies I thought hmm my face is looking kinda skinny. And in fact I was fatter than I thought 6 weeks ago and so that makes me happy. But the gym is a hard thing. Motivation is hard to find most days and when you have a million other things going on it makes it harder to get there too. Example today rushing the husband out the door I forgot my gym clothes which made me feel crappy cus I wasn’t going to get the chance to go and I hate missing a day! I feel like all my hard work will be ruined missing a day. It’s almost like an addiction now that I’ve been going for over a month. I think it also has to do with my sanity. That time alone, listening to the music. Not having any interruptions. It’s just a good time for me because even though I’m working out and sweating it’s somewhat calming and therapeutic.

That was yesterday…see I have no time for my stuff can’t even finish a post these days!

Last night was crazy! I got home and had a huge folder of stuff from open house told the kids to go to their rooms to prepare for bed and that is be there shortly to tuck them in. I heard them playing and goofing off and told them twice to cut it out. I continued to fill papers out and then heard my son scream “what did you do to me Chloe what did you do to me”. I panicked. My first thoughts were blood. Something happened with scissors and his eyes bleeding. YES I think those things!

They were throwing toys in the hall and Chloe threw a toy back into Jonathan’s room and broke his front permanent tooth!


I thought last week was bad but this week has been insane! I could go on and on but today was good! Made an appt. for Jonathan at the dentist. Got to the gym with the hubby, Jr. had an awesome football practice. Chloe was so good and we are all set for family photos on Sunday! So on that note I’m going to pass out! We have Jonathan’s first game of the season at 8am!

Goodnight all : )

I didn’t know we’d be this exhausted

WOW! If I ever said I was busy before I take it back. This kind of busy where you have to be up and out the door at a certain time and be a certain place at a certain time is exhausting. With school starting last week and then fitting in daily chores, errands, football and + hair appts and a ball game was completely exhausting. I lost my cool a few times by Friday! I was and still am so tired. All I have thought about the past couple days is coffee. And beer but beer has a lot of calories so I haven’t caved ha.

I don’t work but I fill my time and I do a lot so at the end of the week and sometimes even just the end of a day I am pooped. Bedtime is something I often looked forward to just so I can sit down and relax without being interrupted. I mean I cant even pee without my husband knocking on the door. So really not only was I exhausted I was annoyed because I never get any time alone. Time to do what I want when I want. I have so many things I want to do and it’s so hard getting to those things. I often get frustrated and angry because I don’t always understand why I don’t have the time to do the things I want.

Being a sahm I am with my kids all the time and I like it that way but today I had to get out. I had to run away for a bit. I met up with one of my best and although she had her two it was such a good time for me to just not have to worry about anything but myself.

This past week was crazy and I have so much to write about but I’m currently on my laptop and I’d much rather blog on my phone from bed so I’m going to leave this post with some recent football pictures and update you all on everything as soon as I can!


What I’m looking forward to when school starts!

• eating! Like sitting down to eat and not being interrupted 5 minutes later. Or better yet being able to eat my food without others wanting to eat my food!
• saving money! No more asking for stuff when I run errands and go to target. No more $4×2 smoothies at the gym.
• my music in the truck!
• cleaning without mess making! I’ll actually be able to finish a room and not have to back track because they made a mess right after I moved on to the next thing.
• peace & quiet
• tv time! I can watch adult shows instead of Disney!
• blog and upload pictures off my real camera!
• the fighting amongst siblings will stop! Or at least be very minimal!
• prep and prepare dinner earlier.
• be on a better routine!
• alone time! I’m a sahm so this is something I don’t get often. And when I’m not dealing with a child my husband needs me. 4 days a week I’ll get hours each day to myself!!!!

I’m sure there’s more but for now…

2nd grade!

We had Jonathan’s 2nd grade “meet & greet” Friday. I was under the impression we listened to the teacher last year or that it was just different than the 5 min in and out of this year. I’m starting to wonder if we did a meet and greet last year or maybe his teacher had more to actually talk about. Anyways his teacher is one of the 1st grade teachers from last year who moved up so they both already knew one another which was great. Jonathan seems happy and his best friend is in the same class so that’s a bonus!

I enjoyed meeting his teacher and hope to be more involved this year than I was last year. His teacher last year was on top of her game basically so she didn’t necessarily need any volunteering.

I was so surprised school supply shopping at what Jonathan needed this year. Paper, folders, and a composition book. BORING! An easy task to complete but nothing was fun for him to pick out. Last year they got to pick a homework folder of their choice. Add a little personality. I hear second grade is a whole new ball game. It’s crazy to see how much the classrooms change also each year. I know he’s growing up but it’s only 2nd grade ahh!



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